porter datastore connect creates a secure tunnel through which you can connect to your Porter-provisioned datastore locally. For example:

porter datastore connect <YOUR_DATASTORE_NAME>

Example output from running this command:

Secure tunnel setup complete! While the tunnel is running, you can connect to your datastore using the following credentials:
 Port: 8122
 Database name: postgres

Starting proxy...[CTRL-C to exit]
Forwarding from -> 6379
Forwarding from [::1]:8122 -> 6379
Handling connection for 8122

While the secure tunnel is running, you can run the following command in a separate shell to connect to your datastore (assuming the datastore is a redis cache):

redis-cli -p 8122 -a <YOUR_DATASTORE_PASSWORD> --tls


If you would like to specify the port on which to connect to the secure tunnel, you can use the --port flag. By default, this is set to 8122.

porter datastore connect <YOUR_DATASTORE_NAME> --port <YOUR_PORT>