These are basic configuration options that are available on all three services - Web, Worker, and Jobs.

Setting the Start Command

You can configure your application service to run any start command by simply editing it from the Porter Dashboard. If your application was built using a Dockerfile, the start command you put in here will override the CMD directive that is specified in your Dockerfile.

Start Command

Assigning resources

From the Resources tab, you can assign the amount of vCPU and RAM for each of your applications. The maximum amount of resources you can assign to a single application is capped by the size of the virtual machines you are using for the underlying cluster.

This is discussed in more detail in the previous Provisioning section


Sleep Mode

“Sleeping” a service can also be enabled from the Resources tab. When a service is put to sleep, it will be stopped and no instances will run. This is useful if you want to keep a service around but don’t want to pay for the resources when it’s not being used.

Note that Sleep Mode is enabled at the service level, rather than at the app level.