Porter provisions and manages the underlying infrastructure in your own cloud. During project creation, Porter will prompt you to provision resources in a cloud provider of your choice.


For step by step instructions on how to provision infrastructure in each cloud provider, see the link below.

Provisioning on AWS

Provisioning on Azure

Provisioning on GCP


How much does the underlying infrastructure cost?

The cost of your infrastructure varies entirely on the amount of resources you use. By default, clusters provisioned by Porter cost around $200 per month.

What does Porter-provisioned infrastructure consist of?

Infrastructure provisioned by Porter on AWS includes a VPC, a Network Load Balancer, and an EKS cluster. The EKS cluster consits of three node groups: 2 t3.medium instances for system workloads, 1 t3.large instance for the monitoring workloads, and a t3.medium instance for your application workloads that scales based on your usage. On GCP and Azure, the architecture is identical with equivalent components on each cloud provider.