Built for companies who want to optimize primarily for simplicity (i.e. you don’t want anything to do with DevOps), Porter Standard is a great way for seed-stage companies to get started quickly without worrying about infrastructure, with a peace of mind that they can always customize their infrastructure in the future as the need arises.

If you want visibility into the underlying infrastructure and be exposed to the complexity of Kubernetes for more flexibility, please contact us for Porter Enterprise. Our Enterprise offering is available to companies that are using more than 40 vCPU and 80 GB RAM at no additional cost.

This Getting Started guide will show you how to deploy your first application on Porter. This guide will take under an hour to complete.

Provisioning Infrastructure

Porter provisions and manages the underlying infrastructure in your own cloud

Deploying your first application

Now that you’ve provisioned your infrastructure, you can deploy your first application to the cluster!

Manage and Scale

Assign resources, configure environment variables, and customize networking settings. Porter will scale your applications automatically.

If you run into any issues while following these steps, please reach out to us in the Porter Discord community.