For those who are not familiar with GitHub Actions, we recommend getting a basic overview from their documentation.

Merging in the PR for GitHub Actions

After you first create the application, you will be asked to merge in the PR Porter has created in your repository. Porter will open the PR from a new branch called porter-stack.

Initial view GHA PR

Once you merge the PR in, this GitHub actions file will automatically build and deploy your application on pushes to the specified source branch. Consequently, all build logs should be viewed on GitHub Actions, not on the Porter dashboard.

Viewing your Build Logs

To view the build logs of your application, navigate to the Actions tab in your repository. Click on the most recent Deploy to Porter workflow to view the build logs of your application.

GHA Logs

Retrying a Build on Failure

When builds fail, you will have to troubleshoot the build process by directly looking at logs from GitHub actions. To retry a build, you can simply click on the Re-run failed jobs button after selecting the job run.

Re-run GHA

You can also trigger a rerun of this GitHub Actions from the Porter dashboard, in the Build Settings tab of your application.

Rerun Build from Dashboard

When a Build is Successful

When the build has completed successfully, Porter will automatically push the built artifacts into your Elastic Container Registry (ECR) and update your application with the new build. Congratulations, you’ve deployed your first application on Porter! 🎉

GHA Logs

Now it’s time to scale it.