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Self-Hosting Porter

There are several options offered for self-hosting Porter. While the Porter platform is built around Kubernetes, we believe it should be incredibly easy to deploy the Porter dashboard anywhere: on your local computer, on a Kubernetes cluster, or even on other hosting platforms. These docs will guide you through deploying Porter on-premises for the following platforms:

Why Deploy on Other Hosting Platforms?

There are several cases where it makes sense to deploy the Porter dashboard on an existing hosting platform, despite the applications that you deploy on Porter running on a Kubernetes cluster. These cases may be:

  • If you only wish to use a subset of Porter's functionality, such as jobs or workers, while your primary applications run on a different platform.
  • If you want to integrate Porter with existing infrastructure, such as a custom domain for internal tools, or an existing PostgreSQL database.
  • If you need to run Porter on a certain platform for compliance reasons.

If none of these cases apply, it likely makes sense to deploy the on-premise version of Porter on a new or existing Kubernetes cluster (more docs coming soon).


Please note: on-premise deployments are in beta, and we strongly recommend reaching out on Discord, Intercom, or over email before attempting an on-premise deployment.