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Logging Options

By default, Porter comes with several logging options that will be sufficient for many use-cases. If you'd prefer to use a third-party provider to manage your logs, Porter offers easy deployments of Datadog or LogDNA.

Built-In Logging

Live Logs

Clicking into a Porter application will bring you to the Status tab, which generates live logs for your application. It will retrieve a history of 400 log lines from your application, and will live-stream these logs to the frontend.

Colored Logs

Note that if your application is re-deployed successfully, these logs will no longer be available.


You can also stream logs to your terminal by running the porter logs command.

Logs for Failed Applications

  • The Porter Agent must be installed in your cluster. This can be installed by navigating to the Events tab of an application, and if the agent isn't already installed, you will be given an option to install it.

For application instances that have failed (exited due to non-zero exit code, out-of-memory errors, etc), a 100-line log history will be available for that application. This allows you to debug stack traces or view the logs from the application failure. These logs are available by clicking on the corresponding event in the Events tab:


Logging Addons

There are several logging addons that can be deployed to preserve logs in a third-party cloud.


Datadog is a powerful monitoring and security platform that gives you visibility into end-to-end traces, application metrics, logs, and infrastructure. You can read more about deploying Datadog on Porter here.


LogDNA is a popular logging management system. This can be deployed by navigating to the Launch tab, selecting Community Add-ons and selecting the LogDNA chart. You will be prompted for a LogDNA ingestion key: please follow directions from to obtain this key:

LogDNA Deployment


LogDNA will forward all Kubernetes logs, not just logs from your applications. Please monitor your LogDNA usage closely to avoid unexpected costs.