Timeout Limits

A timeout limit can be set for the job run in the Advanced tab. This timeout is set to 1 hour (3600 seconds) by default:

Timeout value

Stopping Jobs

Jobs can be stopped by clicking the stop icon on a job in a “Running” state:

Stop job

You can configure the stopping behavior of the job in the “Advanced” tab. By default, Porter will send SIGTERM to the job and all child processes of the job, wait for the job to terminate, and send SIGKILL if the job has not terminated after 30 seconds. The time between SIGTERM and SIGKILL can be configured, and you can avoid sending the signal to all child processes by toggling the “Propagate SIGTERM to child processes” checkbox.

Concurrency Limits for Jobs

You can prevent jobs from running concurrently by toggling the “Allow jobs to execute concurrently” checkbox in the “Advanced” tab. This may be desired if your jobs are writing to data sources, and you wish to prevent duplicate entries.


In general, it is best to ensure your job runs are idempotent.