• This driver requires the target.app_name field to be set to the Porter release name.
  • The field should use the name of the Helm chart that the Porter release is going to use.

This preview environments driver can be used to update a Porter release. The config section, when using this driver, supports the following properties:

  • waitForJob [Boolean, optional] - if set to true, the driver will wait for the job to complete before proceeding
  • onlyCreate [Boolean, optional] - if set to true, the driver will only create the app or addon but not update it on subsequent runs
  • update_config [Object, required] - options for updating the Porter release, with the following properties:
    • image [String, required] - name of the image, without the tag
    • tag [String, required] - the tag to be used for the image
  • env_groups [Array of Objects, optional] - list of env groups to use to deploy the app or addon, supporting the following properties:
    • name [String, required] - the name of the env group
    • namespace [String, required] - the namespace to use for the env group
    • version [Integer, optional] - the version of the env group
  • values [Map of String keys to Object values, optional] - the Helm chart values to use for the app or addon. For a detailed explanation, please read the section on Runtime Configuration.


This driver outputs all the values of the underlying Helm release’s chart.