Now that you’ve deployed your Porter cluster, you can deploy your first application to the cluster! In this example, we’ll deploy a pre-built hello-world application to verify that everything is working correctly.

Launch your Application

On the Porter dashboard, navigate to the Launch tab. From here, click on the Web option and click Launch template. On the next screen, name your application porter-hello-world and select Docker registry as the application type. When asked to select a container image, simply input as follows:


On the following screen, simply hit Deploy, and you’ll see the application show up in the dashboard!

View your Application

After clicking on the application porter-hello-world on the dashboard, the application will have a link to a public URL:


Clicking on this URL will render the following page:


The demo application was successfully deployed!

Application Cleanup

To delete this application, click on the Settings tab of the application, scroll to the bottom, and click Delete porter-hello-world.