Porter lets you deploy a service directly from a Git repository. By default, services on Porter automatically update whenever there is a push to the primary branch (usually main or master) of the connected repo.


  • A repository (public or private) hosted on GitHub
  • A Kubernetes cluster and container registry linked to Porter (linked by default if you following the Getting Started guide)

These docs will guide you through getting your applications set up and integrated with Github:

Adding/Updating the Porter Github App

If you have not already linked a Github app, this guide will walk you through how to add/update the Github repositories that Porter has access to, and explains the Github app setup in more detail.

Selecting an Application and Build Method

This guide documents the steps required to get your application linked up with Porter.

Customizing your Github Workflow

Explains how to modify your Github workflow, for example to run DB migrations or tests before deployment, and advanced configuration options like adding build-time environment variables.