Deploying from Docker Image Registry

Porter lets you deploy a service from a public or private Docker image registry. You can update your service after it has been deployed by triggering a generated webhook or by manually redeploying with a specific image tag.



  • A public Docker image or private container registry linked to Porter. See how to link a registry to Porter
  • A Kubernetes cluster connected to Porter (linked by default if you provisioned through Porter).

Note: If you didn't provision through Porter, you can still link an existing cluster.

Let's get started!

  1. On the Porter dashboard, navigate to the Launch tab in the sidebar and select Web Service -> Launch Template.

  2. Select the Docker Registry option. If you have not linked a registry, you can do so from the Integrations tab (learn more).

  3. Indicate the image repo and image tag you would like to use.

Image repo selectionImage repo selection

  1. Select "Continue" after specifying your image. Under Additional Settings, you can configure remaining options like your service's port and computing resources. Once you're ready, click the Deploy button to launch. You will be redirected to the cluster dashboard where you should see your newly deployed service.

  2. To programmatically redeploy your service (for instance, from a CI pipeline), you will need to call your service's custom webhook. You can find your webhook by expanding your deployed service and going to the Settings tab.


Make sure to replace the YOUR_COMMIT_HASH field with the tag of your Docker image.