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Wallarm is a platform that lets you protect and monitor your APIs, similarly to WAF. You can deploy a Wallarm Ingress Controller for Kubernetes to Porter to monitor and protect your APIs against threats like SQL injection and XSS attacks.


Head to the Community Add-ons tab on Porter and select the Wallarm-Ingress add-on.

You will be prompted to enter a Cloud WAF Token to connect to your wallarm cloud. At the moment, the add-on requires that you are using Wallarm's US cloud. To generate an auth key, navigate to the Wallarm's Nodes tab and create a WAF node of Cloud type.

Copy the generated token and paste it into the Cloud WAF Token field on Porter.


Enabling Wallarm on Porter Deployments

In order to protect your deployments with Wallarm, you need to configure the Ingress of the deployment to use the Wallarm Ingress Controller.

To do this, navigate to the Advanced tab of your Web Service deployment and add the following two key value pairs under Ingress Custom Annotations "UNIQUE_NUMBER_OF_YOUR_CHOICE" monitoring


Please ensure that your value is surrounded with quotation marks. For example, if the number you'd like to assign to the instance is 101, your value should be \"101\"

Custom Domains with Wallarm

To protect endpoints on custom domains with Wallarm, you need to create a CNAME record that points your domain at the load balancer attached to the Wallarm Ingress Controller, instead of the default load balancer that sits in front of the NGINX Ingress Controller.

Navigate to your AWS Console's EC2 > Load Balancer to find the DNS name of the load balancer spun up by the Wallarm Ingress Controller. Create a CNAME record that points your domain to this DNS name. If your custom domain is throwing an error, try re-deploying your web service with the same configuration.

Verifying Deployment

To test whether Wallarm is properly protecting and monitoring your endpoint, run:

curl https://<YOUR_ENDPOINT>/?id='or+1=1--a-<script>prompt(1)</script>'

You should be able to see an attack event show up in the Nodes tab of your Wallarm Console.