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Command Reference

Here you'll find a reference for the most common Porter CLI commands:

  • porter auth: contains commands for authenticating with a Porter instance.
  • porter cluster: contains commands for reading from a connected cluster.
  • porter config: contains commands for controlling local configuration settings.
  • porter connect: contains commands for connecting to external clusters and providers.
  • porter create: creates a new application.
  • porter delete: deletes a release.
  • porter get: fetches basic information about an application.
  • porter job: contains commands for interacting with jobs.
  • porter list: lists applications or jobs for the current cluster.
  • porter logs: logs the output from a given application.
  • porter project: contains commands for interacting with a Porter project.
  • porter registry: contains commands for interacting with a Docker registry in a project.
  • porter run: allows users to execute a command on a remote container.
  • porter update: builds and updates a specified application.