v0.8.0 - Friday, 20 August, 2021


Next release: v0.9.0 - Friday 3 September, 2021

To track our progress, take a look at our roadmap!

More Slack Notification Control

Since rolling out Slack notifications last release, we wanted to provide more granular control over the types of notifications that are being sent. This release, we added a few options for controlling which releases you want to send notifications for, along with controlling whether to send updates on success or failure. This can be found in the Settings tab of an application.

NGINX Latency Metrics

We've now added two more latency metrics for your endpoints, and added a tab to the cluster settings page showing those metrics. The metrics that we've added:

  • Request Latency (s): this will show the average request latency in seconds for the selected ingress.
  • Percentile Response Times (s): this will show the p99, p95, or p50 (99th, 95th, and 50th percentile) response times.

Jobs Improvements

We've made several improvements to the jobs view, including:

  • Showing the status of the last run job from the list of jobs
  • Added a "Helm Values" tab to the Jobs page for greater control over jobs behavior
  • Showing deployment settings for each job

Porter Github Action -- Now in Github Marketplace!

We've now added a Porter Github action to the Github marketplace! This action can be used when building your own CI workflow, and will automatically be used on new deployments when deploying from the Launch tab or the CLI.

porter run Improvements

We've continued to improve the porter run behavior, including the following fixes:

  • Fix term resizing and improve edge cases when command is exited early -- thanks @joegilley for the PR!
  • Prevent porter run from exiting after a few minutes when running a command in an application with health checks enabled.
  • Add a --verbose option to show detailed events from the pod upon failure

Improvements for Contributors

This release, we attempted to make our development environment much easier to set up, including the following changes:

  • Providing make start-dev as a lightweight alternative to docker-compose, which will use SQLite as the database and will compile the backend/frontend natively.
  • Optimizing our webpack builds, reducing our bundle size and removing unused imports

Other changes/improvements

  • Fix bug where the GCR action occasionally does not work
  • Added error boundaries to the frontend
  • Added --registry-url option to the porter create command, so that users with multiple registries can select a registry via the CLI
  • Prevent panics when porter logs is called without precisely one argument