v0.6.0 - Friday, 23 July, 2021


Next release: v0.7.0 - Friday 6 August, 2021

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Environment Group Merging/Previews

Environment variables used to be overwritten when loading them from an environment group, and users were not notified of conflicting environment variables that may be superseded. Now, users will be notified of overrides. Thanks @Xetera for the PR!

Environment Group OverrideEnvironment Group Override

Github App Migration

As announced in the previous release, we have now fully migrated to using a Github App instead of an OAuth apps for repository integrations. This will give us more opportunities for integrations and make the integration more stable. In addition, if you're working on Porter in a team and have your personal repositories linked up, other members of the team will not be able to see or interact with those repositories -- team members will only see the repositories that they have access to. To set up the Github App integration, click on the user icon in the top right of the platform, and click "Account Settings":

Webhook Regeneration

When a cluster is linked and unlinked on Porter, you may lose access to Porter webhooks that were written for a specific cluster, application, and namespace combination. If a webhook is not found for an application, we've now added the ability to recreate this webhook for a new cluster.

Other Improvements

  • Fix bug where env file upload does not work for deleted keys -- thanks @anukul for the PR!
  • Fix email verification for local instances on Porter
  • Auto-send email verification emails on signup
  • Better loading screen when metrics are returned as empty
  • Fix pod selection to prevent first pod from being auto selected
  • Fix environment variables for multi-line vars
  • Improve load time performance after clicking into an application
  • Show all objects when listing manifests in the "Manifests" tab
  • Fix --port flag for the porter server start command
  • Fix --path flag when calling porter update... commands