v0.5.0 - Friday, 9 July, 2021


Next release: v0.6.0 - Friday 23 July, 2021

To track our progress, take a look at our roadmap!

What happened to v0.4.0? Many of the features in this release were improved and stabilized in patch releases v0.4.1 through v0.4.4 as well as v0.5.0, and as a result, it was not publicly ready for download until v0.5.0 was released. It will continue to be marked as a pre-release on the Github releases page.

Team Management and Access Control

Porter now supports different roles for collaborators within a Porter project. At the moment, the three supported roles are admin, developer, and viewer, with more granular access control coming soon! See the full documentation for more details.

CLI-Based Deployments and Upgrades

Creating a new application on Porter is now as simple as porter create web --app web-app! While the dashboard should still be the primary method for deploying applications, the CLI can now be used for upgrading and deploying applications. Read the full documentation here.

Detailed Cluster Dashboard

Porter now displays a full cluster dashboard that shows all of the machines running your applications, along with detailed information about usage on each machine:

Transitioning to Github Apps

Starting on July 23rd (v0.6.0 release), Porter will be using a Github App to access your repositories, instead of an OAuth App (what's the difference?). All applications deployed via the OAuth app will continue to work, but new deployments must use the Github App. See this guide for setting up the Github App in your account. The Github App will provide the following benefits:

  • Much simpler to control access to repositories: for example, excluding personal repositories from being listed, allowing access to specific organization repositories, etc.
  • More resilient to a Github user revoking personal access tokens
  • Tighter integrations: ability for the Github App to act as it's own user when creating commits, comment on PRs, and generate Github environments.

URLs for Resources

Most pages on Porter that display applications, jobs, and clusters now have shareable URLs, so that you can directly link to a specific resource when sharing an application with your team members.

New Add-Ons

We're excited to announce new add-ons for Tailscale, Wallarm, and Datadog!

  • Datadog is a monitoring service that aggregates metrics from your applications, servers, and infrastructure.
  • Tailscale is a VPN that creates a secure network between your servers. See our doc for deploying Tailscale on Porter, or read our blog post to learn more about Tailscale on Kubernetes. Deploying Tailscale on Porter gives you easy, secure access to your non-exposed applications and databases:
  • Wallarm is a platform that lets you protect and monitor your APIs. See our doc for deploying Wallarm on Porter.

Other Improvements

  • Live-update an opened application when re-deployed from a different process (other browser, webhook, etc)
  • Fix a bug where Github login was failing due to strict cookie settings
  • Load image tags properly from private Docker Hub images, and create valid credentials for pulling private Docker Hub images
  • Fix a dashboard bug where system logs are rendered together with application logs