v0.3.0 - Tuesday, 18 May, 2021


Next release: v0.4.0 - Friday 28 May, 2021

To track our progress, take a look at our roadmap!

Porter is a Kubernetes-powered PaaS that runs in your own cloud provider. Porter brings the Heroku experience to your own AWS/GCP account, while upgrading your infrastructure to Kubernetes. Here's a breakdown of the new features we released these past two weeks:

Jobs and Cron Jobs Updates

About a month ago, we released native support for jobs and cron jobs. After a bunch of feedback and testing from our users, we added several features to improve the experience of running jobs on Porter. This includes toggling between jobs and cron jobs, setting concurrency limits for jobs, stopping currently running jobs, and handling graceful shutdown. To read more, please see the advanced configuration options for jobs and cron jobs.

RabbitMQ and LogDNA Add-Ons

RabbitMQ and LogDNA support -- our two most-requested add-ons -- have now been added to the Community Templates!

Errors for Failing Deployments

We've now added much better error handling to the launch screen, which will send more detailed errors if your deployment fails. We've also added event streams for failing containers, which will inform you of why a certain container is failing (which potentially prevents you from viewing the logs of that container). For example:

Normal     BackOff       Back-off pulling image "not-an-image:latest"
Warning    Failed        Error: ImagePullBackOff

Template Upgrades

All templates will now display a template version and template upgrades are supported from the dashboard for application templates only (add-on upgrades will be supported in a later release). Read more about template upgrades here.

Porter Charts Repository

We've created the repository porter-charts for contributors who wish to add new templates or modify existing templates that are displayed on Porter. If you'd like to contribute, please check out the contributing guide!

New Guides/Documentation

Minor Improvements

  • Split the launch flow into separate screens so there's less information to look at
  • Handle problematic parsing of ANSI control codes from porter run commands, particularly in interactive shells
  • Migrate public sidecar + helper images to ECR to avoid Dockerhub rate-limiting, particularly from EKS clusters where there is a single outbound IP address
  • Add documentation to Github repo so that contributors can create PRs for docs
  • Fix issue where service with the same name as a service in a different namespace will show pod statuses/logs from both services