v0.2.0 - Friday, 30 April, 2021


Next release: v0.3.0 - Friday 14 May, 2021

To track our progress, take a look at our roadmap!

Porter is a Kubernetes-powered PaaS that runs in your own cloud provider. Porter brings the Heroku experience to your own AWS/GCP account, while upgrading your infrastructure to Kubernetes. Here's a breakdown of the new features we released these past two weeks:

Secret Environment Variables

We've added support for creating secret environment variables from environment groups that will not be exposed after creation. After these secrets are created, they are stored in your own cluster and are mounted in to your applications from your cluster, so that they never get exposed to the Porter dashboard again. Read more about secret environment variables.

.env File Upload

We had a lot of users complain about inputting all of their environment variables manually, so we added the option to copy and paste a .env file to upload your environment variables. This should make it much easier to upload your environment variables in the future. When creating an environment group, you should click the "Copy from File" option, which will pull up a text area for you:

Locally Runnable Version

For users that just want to try out Porter without the hosted dashboard, we added docs for Running Porter Locally. After downloading the CLI, you can run porter server start to get the dashboard up and running.

Contributing Guide

We've had a number of users ask about contributing, so we added a contributing guide that should help you get started. All contributors welcome!

Cloud Provider Support

Google CloudSQL Proxy

We've had a number of users require a proxied connection to their Google CloudSQL instance, which we generally recommend to Google users for a fully-managed DB offering. Here are the docs.


EKS clusters provisioned through Porter used to create a Classic Load Balancer to connect to an NGINX instance running on the cluster, which we have now migrated to an NLB to give users more flexibility.

Bonus Feature: ANSI Color Parsing

To make structured logs easier to view, we now parse ANSI escape codes and display their colors on the dashboard.

Minor Improvements

  • Improve zero-downtime deployments by adding termination grace periods to deployments
  • Update our start commands and added termination grace periods so that
  • Updated Cache-Control headers so that you get the latest version of the Porter dashboard every time we update.
  • Fix a bug where only completed jobs were listed after clicking on the "Jobs" tab.
  • Hide the default *.porter.run domains in the template after creation, so that users do not try to edit them.
  • Fix custom ingress annotations so that users can customize their NGINX configuration options.
  • Update documentation around CI/CD, jobs, and metrics integrations