v0.1.0-beta.3.6 - Friday 16 April, 2021


Note: we're going to start releasing every other Friday with full release notes uploaded to this changelog.

Next release: v0.2.0 - Friday 30 April, 2021

To track our progress, take a look at our roadmap!

Porter is a Kubernetes-powered PaaS that runs in your own cloud provider. Porter brings the Heroku experience to your own AWS/GCP account, while upgrading your infrastructure to Kubernetes. Here's a breakdown of the new features we released these past two weeks:

Jobs and Cron Jobs

We've added support for jobs and cron jobs (scheduled jobs) to the Porter dashboard. This makes it much easier to run scripts that are designed to run to completion, such as migration scripts, batch processing, scheduled notifications, etc. Read more about jobs.

Environment Groups

We've made it much easier to manage environment variables for multiple services through the use of environment groups. These allow you to create a shared configuration of environment variables that you can reuse across services. Read more about using environment groups.

Remote Execution

Porter now supports remote execution via porter run, which will execute in the same manner as heroku run. For example:

$ porter run web-test -- echo "HELLO WORLD!"
Running echo HELLO WORLD for release web-test

View the documentation here.

NGINX Error Metrics

We now display error metrics for 5XX errors coming from NGINX. To enable this, Prometheus must be installed in the cluster (go to Launch > Community Add-ons > Prometheus), and then go to the ingress-nginx namespace and click on the nginx-ingress deployment. Reach out on Discord with any questions!

EKS Machine Type Selection

Porter now lets you choose different machine types for your EKS clusters.


Note: not all machine types are supported in all regions. You can check supported regions on AWS by following the instructions here.


Note: GKE and Digital Ocean machine type selection coming next release!

Minor Improvements

  • Ability to provision multiple clusters in the same project.
  • Ability to specify start commands in deployments, and improved support for Procfiles and auto-build. If you have multiple processes specified in your Procfile, you can now choose the process by inputting the process name as the start command.
  • Ability to delete of failed pods in releases.
  • Ability to toggle deployment webhooks on and off
  • Tighter integration between deployments and Github actions:
    • Inject --build-args during the docker build step in Github actions
    • Build-time environment variables are updated during deployment upgrade
    • Github actions files and environment variables are deleted during deployment deletion
  • Custom Porter error page when awaiting deployments.